Deal-driven Aussies: How we stack up globally

On June 17, 2014 at 06:33 AM

Expedia Holiday Spending Index reveals Aussie holiday spending habits

  • Eight in 10 Aussies actively seek deals when booking holidays
  • Aussies prefer to save in advance for holidays, as opposed to paying later
  • Globally, travellers choose to splurge on holiday accommodation over transport

Expedia’s new Holiday Spending Index reveals that savvy Aussie travellers are amongst the most deal-driven in the world; they prefer to save in advance for a holiday and consider domestic travel to be amongst the most expensive globally.

The global survey of 11,165 people across 24 countries found that 81% of Aussies actively look for deals as part of their holiday booking process. Flight deals (54%), special promotions or seasonal sales (47%) and hotels that offer meal plans (36%), are some of the most sought after travel bargains.

Outside of bargain hunting, over half (53%) of Aussies prefer to save for their entire holiday in advance – above the global average of 50% – while 10% pay for their entire holiday on credit card then pay it off at a later date. One quarter save up to six months in advance, which is the most common savings timespan; while only 20% of Aussies have a dedicated holiday fund – tracking behind the global average of 28%.

“The deal-driven nature of Australians is something we’re mindful of at Expedia. We’re constantly providing great value deals, along with our policy of no booking fees, to keep the cost of travel down and inspire our customers to get out there”, said Expedia travel expert Louise Crompton. “What is clear from the survey is that Aussies are experienced travellers who take the time to plan and consider their options.”

However, the cost of travelling to some of the amazing sights within Australia continues to be seen as a luxury. When asked to consider the cost of a week-long holiday in their home country, Australians expect to spend the most, after residents of Norway, Japan and Canada. For example, 48% of Australians believe a week in a city in South East Asia would be less expensive than a week in their home country.

Splurge vs. Save

Spending money to holiday

43% of Aussies state they feel ‘neutral’ about spending money to go on holiday, sharing the sentiment of the global average (44%). 29% of Aussies actually feel excited about parting with money to go on holiday, believing the cost is worth it to have a nice holiday.

While only 8% of Aussie travellers are willing to splurge on a first class or business class flight, in line with the global average, they don’t mind spending a little extra on:

  • Hotel in a desired location: 37%
  • Room with a view: 31%
  • Hotel with a pool: 29%
  • A direct flight: 28%

When it comes to irritating travel fees, almost one in two (45%) Australians say they are most annoyed by booking fees, making Expedia Australia’s No Booking Fee policy an easy way to keep travel costs down.

Best holiday bang for your buck

The top three most cost efficient holiday types according to Aussies surveyed are:

  • Beach holidays
  • Cruises
  • Holidays centred around historic or cultural sightseeing

Ski holiday or getaways centred on spectator / adventure sports are seen as least cost-efficient. If money was no object, Aussies would opt for a cruise as the most luxurious type of holiday.

Global Holiday Spending Index – Fast Facts:

  • There is a global acceptance (75%) that it costs money to get away. When asked how they feel about spending money to go on holiday, 44% said they feel “neutral”, while 31% replied that they feel “excited”
  • Travellers from India (52%), Mexico (46%) and Brazil (45%) are the most likely to say they get “excited” by the thought of spending money to go on holiday, while South Koreans (29%) and Thais (23%) are the most anxious
  • Globally, the most aggravating travel fees are taxes and baggage fees
  • 55% of travellers find travel insurance to be “critically” or “very” important. 6% report that they find it not at all important


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