Expedia fans reveal how to spend $50 in the world’s best cities

On June 08, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Over 1,100 Expedia Facebook fans have shared their insider knowledge of the world’s best cities, revealing how far $50 can go - the cost of a flight booking fee charged by some travel websites.

Expedia.com.au doesn’t charge any flight booking fees or Expedia change and cancellation fees on flights, hotels, packages and car reservations booked on the website.

Las Vegas ranked as the number one destination based on the entries from Expedia’s fans and was also the destination featured in the winning entry.  London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Rome were also popular destinations among Aussie travellers who entered the competition. Expedia has shared some stand-out entries:

London, UK

  • “Heading straight to the world’s greatest toy store, Hamleys, to buy the cutest soft toy I can find for my newborn.” (Kristen Manning, 39)
  • ”Wearing my Aussie flag bikini while on a double decker bus touring through London.” (Fleur Harrison, 35)
  • “Having a ball with my London friends in a pub in Soho.” (Frank Schroeder, 45)

Bangkok, Thailand

  • “Going to my favourite massage parlour and having seven foot massages over seven days, a manicure and a pedicure.” (Max Kear, 63)
  • “Stuffing myself silly for days on street food – pad thai, satay chicken, grilled bananas, pawpaw salad...yum!” (Lauren Smelcher, 25)
  • “Renting a beach chair and buying some cocktails while lying on the beach in the sun.” (Karen Oldland, 42)

Los Angeles, USA

  • “Going to Pink’s Hot Dogs in LA with my two year-old daughter.” (Joe Crupi, 32)
  • “Doing a workout at the famous Gold’s Gym in downtown LA.” (Karen Thom, 40)
  • “Going to watch the LA Dodgers baseball team at Dodger Stadium.” (Leanne Hewans, 36)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • “Going to the first dumpling restaurant I can find.” (Michael freeman, 27)
  • “Buying a pair of lambskin shoes from the Star Ferry Terminal.” (Lesley Forster, 62)
  • “Eating some delicious egg tarts while soaking up the sun by Victoria Harbour.” (Sarah Lee, 28)

Rome, Italy

  • “Devouring a big tub of caramel meringue from San Crispino.” (Sian Bradfield, 31)
  • “Sipping a glass of Billiecart Salmon with some antipasti in one of the wine bars tucked in the lanes around Campe Di Fiore.” (Rachel Anderson, 31)
  • “Enjoying a gelato near Trevi Fountain before picking up a bottle of pure Roman wine from an Entoteca to enjoy while taking in the sunset.” (Lauren Jovanovic, 23)
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