Holiday Health: Aussies are the fittest nation when on holiday

On August 16, 2017 at 11:20 PM

2017 Expedia Fitness Breaks report reveals Australians and Americans likeliest to exercise when traveling, British and Germans least likely

Sydney 15 February 2017 – Expedia, one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites, today released the results of its 2017 Fitness Break Study, examining the fitness habits among travellers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States and how they incorporate exercise into their travel regimen.

The study found Australians are the number one fitness nation when it comes to exercising and following a fitness regime when on holiday, with 55% of Aussies believing it is important to exercise while travelling, the highest amongst the seven countries. Among those who do exercise while traveling, 22% claim to do so to balance the indulgent food they are eating, an opinion shared most by Australians (29%), the French (31%), and Americans (27%).

Lisa Perkovic, Travel Expert of Expedia Australia, explains a holiday is the perfect time to ramp up health and fitness without it feeling like a chore.

“It’s easy to enjoy yourself and stay healthy when you travel with just a few simple adjustments to your itinerary. Walk, don’t hop in a taxi; grab a bike instead of a bus tour; explore instead of just scratching the surface as a way to mix in ‘incidental exercise’ and explore a destination. It’s positive to see Aussies agree with this way of traveling, with 13% believing it allows them to see a destination differently. ”

“When on holiday it’s important to keep some balance, another tip is to pre-book some outdoor activities to get you moving and aim to have one healthy meal a day. A holiday is a fantastic way to recharge and kick-off a new healthy routine and come back feeling refreshed.”

Fitness travel from around the world

Percentage who feel it is “very or somewhat important” to exercise while traveling:

1.       Australia:             55 percent

2.       US:                         53 percent

3.       Canada:                51 percent

4.       Spain:                    49 percent

5.       France:                 48 percent

6.       Germany:            43 percent

7.       UK:                         42 percent

Exercise enriches travel experiences

According to the Expedia Fitness Breaks study, fitness on holiday provides travellers with a different way to explore:

  • 16% of the French and 13% of Aussies agree exercise allows them to “see new areas of the destination”
  • Simply walking/exploring a new city is, by far, the most popular exercise undertaken while traveling, an opinion shared by 47% of all respondents
  • Exploration walks are most popular for Australians (just over 56%), the British (just under 56%) and Canadians (53%)
  • The French are most likely (34%) to take guided walking tours and enjoy long runs when travelling. Germans are most likely to hop on a bike (28%)

Fitness-focused travellers adapt to their surroundings

Holiday opens up a new way for travellers to exercise. The study found:

  • Americans are most likely to modify their typical workout routine when away from home (42%). A full 41% of Aussies do the same, while only 20% of the Spanish – the least in the field – alter their regular regimen
  • Many exercise-focused travellers simply “create my own workout” in some fashion when travelling. Canadians lead the way (47%), closely followed by Americans (45%) and Australians (just under 45%). Just under a quarter (24%) of the French “find local fitness activities” to undertake, the most in the field, while the British (11%) are the least likely to do so.

When it comes to accommodation, Americans (39%) are most likely to expect fitness offerings at their accommodation while traveling, followed by Canadians (just under 39%) and Australians (33%). The French, at 14%, are least likely to expect such features.

How to incorporate a fitness break in a holiday

Given the willingness of fitness-minded holidays from Australians, Expedia has launched a campaign to help them do so. Dubbed “Fitness Breaks,” the campaign features Fiona Falkiner’s recommendation on how to take a Sydney fitness holiday and Tyson Mayr, fitness holiday in Cape Town.


About the Survey conducted the Fitness Breaks study using Google Consumer Surveys, a Google service that enables polling of a demographically representative sample of people online. The study was conducted from December 1-30, 2016, and included responses from 7,059 adults.