Stress-free Aussies cut loose on holidays

On June 17, 2014 at 06:24 AM

New Expedia report sheds light on hair-down holiday habits 

  • Aussie holiday makers prioritise trying local cuisine and participating in local customs
  • Women lead the adventurous charge

Expedia’s new Out There report reveals more than half (55%) of Australians behave more extrovertly when travelling, with one in five (22%) saying they feel stress-free on holiday and are really able to let their hair down. More women than men say holidays encourage them to open themselves to new experiences (57% vs 54%).

While young Aussies (18-24 years old) are the most outgoing (66%), older Australians aren’t afraid to get out there on holidays either; two in five (42%) of over 65s say they let loose more when on holidays. Most Aussies (46%) say their outgoing tendencies begin to emerge once they are feeling settled in and comfortable in their new destination though one in five (23%) start to feel more adventurous when planning their holiday.

Renowned as fun-loving and gregarious travellers, the research shows Aussie travellers actually relish getting under the skin of a destination, exploring and experiencing the local history, cuisine, and culture. Daring Aussies go beyond their comfort zone by:

  • Trying new foods and drinks (65%)
  • Participating in local customs (44%)
  • Socialising (43%)
  • Trying new sporting / leisure activities (38%)

“While we discover new destinations and cultures on our travels, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to embrace the unknown and do something out-of-the-ordinary. It’s inspiring to see so many Aussie travellers taking advantage of affordable airfares and accommodation to explore the world and its endless possibilities,” said Expedia travel expert, Kelly Cull.

When in Rome

Aussies, especially under 34’s (76%), love sampling the local cuisine when on holidays. While many stick to the well-known local fare like Paella in Spain or Escargot in France, some Aussies have extended their culinary conquests by trying local delicacies such as snake wine in Vietnam, fried tarantulas in Cambodia and Balut, a boiled duck embryo commonly sold as street food, in the Philippines.

Other unusual snacks sampled by a daring few include bacon and chocolate milkshakes in Canada, grasshoppers in Thailand, and horse steak in China.

Culture Vultures

Immersing themselves in the local culture is also an integral part of the travel experience for Australian travellers with more than one in five (24%) saying they’ve attended a local religious ceremony. A further 41% have dabbled with the native language.

More women take part in cultural activities overall. One in five (20%) say they have tried their luck in a local cooking class (13% for men), and 10% in a dance class (8% for men). Other popular cultural activities tried include basket making, tea drinking ceremonies, and visiting temples or historic sites.

Social Butterflies

Socialising with locals and other travellers is still important - 48% of Aussies say they have made friends with locals when on holiday and 40% have had dinner with other travellers they have met. That hair-down holiday feeling has also prompted romantic encounters, such as chatting up strangers in a bar (40%), sharing a kiss with a stranger (13%) and spending the night with a new holiday friend (12%).

Active Aussies

Well over a third (38%) of Aussies believe trying new sporting activities is a ‘must do’ when on holiday, with activities like white water rafting (15%), skiing/snowboarding (14%) scuba diving (13%)among the most popular.

Only a brave few say have had the courage to try more adventurous pursuits such as bungy jumping (6%), ski diving (5%) or swimming with sharks (4%).


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