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Battle of the sexes rages on at 30,000 feet

On May 24, 2011 at 01:00 PM survey reveals how Aussie men and women pass the time in the air

With many international flights lasting more than 20 hours, the dilemma for Aussie travellers is how to pass the time in the air. New research* conducted by online travel company has found the age-old saying that ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ holds true in mid-air, with each favouring a different way to pass the time. Read more

Cairns hotels lead the way in Australian market

On May 06, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Latest Expedia Insiders’ Select list ranks the world’s best hotels based on value, service and customer ratings; 13 Australian hotels feature in the top 500

In a triumph for Queensland tourism after a difficult summer, Cairns hotels have dominated the Australian contingent in the 2011 Insiders’ Select™ list ( compiled by online travel company Expedia. This year, a record 13 Australian hotels appear in the world’s top 500, with Roydon Beachfront Apartments in Cairns voted by travellers as the 16th best hotel in the world.  Three other hotels in Cairns also made the list, as well as hotels in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. Read more

Expedia® Foreign Exchange Index – April 2011

On April 11, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Latest HiFX Foreign Exchange Index reveals top destinations for travellers on the Australian Dollar

With the Australian Dollar surging past parity against the US Dollar and still hitting record highs against other currencies, now more than ever is the time to dust off the passport and head overseas. To find out where Aussie travellers get the best bang for their travel buck, online travel company Expedia, in conjunction with foreign exchange specialist HiFX, has released its latest Expedia® HiFX Foreign Exchange Index.

According to the latest Expedia HiFX Foreign Exchange Index, Asia is currently the best value-for-money region in the world, with three out of the top 10 best value destinations being in Asia. Read more

Expedia Travel Value Tracker reveals typical holiday expenses in popular international destinations

On March 30, 2011 at 01:00 PM

See where you get the best bang for your holiday spending dollar 

On-the-ground costs can greatly impact the overall cost of a holiday. With travel expenses varying considerably from country to country, some insider knowledge about holiday expenses in certain destinations is handy for travellers wanting their spending money to stretch a little further.

To help travellers with their holiday budget, online travel company has compiled its inaugural Expedia Travel Value Tracker*, which lists 10 typical everyday holiday items in 10 of the most popular international destinations for Australian travellers. Read more

Chasing the summer sun

On February 16, 2011 at 04:00 PM lists the best Northern Hemisphere summer destinations for 2011

With the Australian summer soon to make way for autumn, now is the time for travellers not wanting to let the sun set on summer to start planning a mid-year holiday.

From Europe to North America, the Northern Hemisphere offers travellers a playground of destinations to explore. With the strength of the Australian dollar motivating one in three Aussies to book an overseas holiday this year*, has scoured the Northen Hemisphere to find the best up and coming destinations to visit during Australia’s winter months. Read more