Expedia survey reveals Australians ease post-holiday blues by booking their next holiday as soon as they’re back to work

On January 13, 2009 at 01:00 PM
  •  84 percent of Australians feel more motivated at work when they have a booked holiday to look forward to
  • Aussie workers set to cost businesses over $880 million in work hours when researching and booking their next holiday 

As Australians return to work after the summer break, 84 percent have revealed that they feel more motivated at work if they have a holiday to look forward to - according to a recent survey conducted by Expedia.com.auTM, operated by Expedia, Inc. ,the world’s leading online travel company. So, while offices around Australia will be busy with work-related planning for the year ahead this month, many Aussie workers will be sure to be planning their 2009 getaways.

In fact, the survey revealed that over 60 percent of Australian workers admit to spending company time researching and booking their last holiday, with the average spending about four hours in total and nine percent spending more than ten work hours. This means that Australian workers will spend an estimated total of 27 million hours* of company time planning their next holiday, costing Australian businesses over $880 million.

More than 70 percent of workers surveyed at the beginning of January have already started planning their next getaway and more than two thirds of people intend to take a holiday in the next six months. Interestingly, almost 60 percent of respondents plan to take their next holiday within Australia rather than overseas. The next most popular holiday spot is Asia, with 13 percent of respondents nominating that region, followed by nine percent nominating Europe.

The survey results, which monitored the responses of over 1,000 Australians, reveal how many workers seek to lift their spirits by looking ahead to their next break as soon as they return to work after an enjoyable break.

Dr Ben Searle, Organisational Psychologist from Macquarie University, said, “These survey results are not that surprising. A good summer holiday should help us recover from work-related stress, but evidence suggests that after returning to work many people quickly find themselves stressed again. Unfortunately, this reflects the modern reality that many people feel pressured or dissatisfied in their workplaces. Even for those who enjoy their jobs, the challenges of work can seem particularly demanding – or simply less motivating – after a long period of relaxation.

“This year, uncertainty in the economy is likely to increase the stress felt by businesses, employees and families. This means that we may need to pay closer attention to our health and wellbeing in 2009,” he said.

A previous poll, conducted late last year by Expedia.com.au, revealed that holidays are longed for in the year ahead above a new romance, a pay rise or promotion.

Louise Hurbert-Burns at Expedia® Australia said, “Australians work hard and spend a lot of time in the office, so any planned holiday is a great motivation to get through the daily grind.

“With the internet, it is now easier and quicker than ever to search for the best travel deals. On Expedia.com.au you can plan a holiday or short break, including flights, accommodation, car hire and activities, within the convenience of one easy site so there’s no need to take up costly work time organising holidays,” she said.

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* Estimated calculation of 27 million hours based on 2008 ABS statistics for average weekly earnings and average hours worked and the Expedia survey responses which revealed an average of four hours of work time is spent by Australians researching holidays (of those who said they used work time, 61.24%).

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